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A very tender welcome from the world of OPERATOPOPRA the home of Music Under the Stars and in association with the Lion of Judah Non-Denominational Church.

Cristoforo Padula, tenor is a beloved international performing artist and vocal consultant, with over 30 years of singing experience in the major opera houses, concert halls, night clubs, and in radio and televison.  

Mr. Padula was very fortunate to have studied with the Magnificent Tenors Tito Schipa and Jan Peerce and brings his vocal technique to both singers and actors from the age of twelve to one hundred and twelve from the quad state area. Mr. Padula has over the years proven the effectiveness of his Holistic Vocal Health Training for those singers and actors who are seeking to overcome the limitations and problems of their vocal production.  

Many years ago Mr. Padula created the term...OPERATOPOPRA which is a reflection of the music from the world of Opera, Broadway, Film, Classical Neapolitan Songs, Spanish Songs, and International Favorites for his concert hall,night club, and radio and television performances of Songs of Romance. OPERATOPOPRA revealed the fact that Mr. Padula's Vocal Production Technique can be a blessing to any and all vocalists or actors who seek to embrace the true vocal gifts that God has granted to them.  

Mr. Padula deeply believes that art is not a luxury in life, it is a necessity. For art reminds us that within each of us is an angel with only one wing and when we embrace and love the dreams of our heart we find our unique set of wings that lifts us to a heaven that whispers of beauty, tenderness, hope, sharing, giving, forgiving, understanding, respect, encouragement, compassion, truth, honor, passion, joy, and love that everyday circumstances might not provide and may even perhaps destroy.  

Mr. Padula, an ordained pastor, is honored to have become a Maryland Court Appointed Special Advocate for Abused and Neglected Childrend. He begs you to ever remember it is never the love of our dreams that betrays us or prevents us to make our dreams a reality, it is our doubt and fear. 

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